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Traditionally a Scottish dish, I discovered this delicious dessert a couple of years ago. There are many variations but the traditional one includes cream, oatmeal,honey, whiskey and raspberries.

The one I am making today is with strawberries.


  • 200g fresh strawberries
  • 2tbs oatmeal
  • a little caster sugar
  • 350ml fresh double cream
  • 2 tbs runny honey
  • 2-3 tbs whiskey


  • lightly toast the oatmeal in a dry pan being careful not to burn.
  • whisk up the double cream into light peaks
  • stir in honey and whiskey into the cream
  • add strawberries and oatmeal to cream mixing lightly.
  • or you can layer cream and strawberries into a glass
  • serve in glasses.


For traditional recipe replace strawberries with raspberries.

For chocolate lovers, add a chocolate sauce to cream in place of the honey.

If you like nuts, you can add them chopped. (nuts go nice with the chocolate version)

Or you can make it with apples. stew 2 apples in about 4 tbs water until soft, mash and layer with the cream and oatmeal into the glasses.

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