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Jeans are my favourite item of clothing, they are so versatile. Dress them up or down, where them with heels, flats or boots. Have them skinny or flared. So much to choose from including a wide arrange of colours.

I remember the days when jeans were basically indigo, stonewashed were much more expensive, too much for a school kid. Me and my friends craved a fancy pair of white jeans so what did we do? Put our jeans in the bath with a bottle of bleach! Do it right and they come out white, but believe me, they don’t last long the bleach destroys the thread. No need to worry about that these days though, white jeans are ready available. I love this selection from Next.

white jeans from Next

white jeans from Next


Do you know about mummy jeans? Well, apparently you are not very hip if you wear jeans with high back pockets, they make you look old and are known as mummy jeans. Hey, I’m a mummy, to blooming teenagers, so why should I be worried? Well, to be honest, the better placed the pocket the better your bum looks. I’m up for that.

These are perfect, NOT mummy jeans, but very comfy as well as trendy. Definitely my favourites.