We were so excited that we were going on a holiday to Center Parcs as we love it there, but hadn’t been for 5 years. This time we were going to Whinfell Forest, which is the furthest away from us in Kent. We have previously been to Longleat, Elveden, Sherwood and Het Heijderbos in Holland. We left home around 5.30am and arrived about 1.30 pm.
We had some lunch and went to collect our friends from Penrith Station which wasn’t that far away.
On Tuesday we played a round of Crazy Golf, Ashley got a hole in one and did a crazy dance 🙂 we enjoyed our game, at home we don’t do a lot together, each of us has our own interests, Ashley’s is minecraft, mine is card making, or sewing, and Kev’s is either work, or DIY, so to spend time together doing something fun was lovely.
We went swimming most days during our stay and cycled about the complex, which was fun, we saw red squirrels, and pheashants, and even a grouse. On Wednesday, Ashley was booked into Climbing and Abseiling, I wanted to watch him, he was so nervous but he did it I was really proud of him. He was in a group of 6 with 4 adults and 2 children, he didn’t know the other people, but by the end of the 2 hour session they were a team, all cheering each other on. Ashley went up and came down 4 times, and he was very pleased with himself. We visited various restaurants on the complex, we really enjoyed our meal in the pancake house, and also the Lakeside Bar. It was a really enjoyable stay the villa, was really comfy and the weather wasn’t too bad either. Ashley’s favourite bit from the swimming pool was the rapids, mine and Kev’s was the outside pool as that was like a lovely hot bath. We were sad on Friday that we had to leave, I am sure we will go back again one day
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I was invited to Center Parcs along with Center Parcs Family Blogger Raisie Bay to enjoy a four night break at Whinfell Forest.